Back office
The complete payroll, bookkeeping, business health, and support center for your restaurant.

Step out of your BACK OFFICE and into ours…we have a lot more room.

BACK OFFICE from RestaurantLink, is a robust alternative to high priced traditional payroll and bookkeeping services.  We combine the latest technologies and a professional in-house staff to ensure your employees are paid on time while keeping your financial information accurate and up to date.

In addition, you have access to periodic business health checkups, and a support center that eliminates many of the daily distractions in a restaurant.

  • On-time and accurate payroll

  • On-line access for both employee and employers

  • Choice of direct deposit and/or Visa pay cards

  • Payroll tax filing and accuracy guarantee



  • Accurate up-to-date financials

  • Electronic bill pay with approval

  • Sales & use tax filings

  • Bank & credit card reconciliations

  • Year-end 1099 & 1096 filings

  • On-line access


Schedule a confidential business health checkup with one of our advisors. As a restaurant management company, we not only just show you the numbers, but can often identify ways to improve them.



Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the daily distractions of all those wanting “just 15 minutes of your time”? Well now you can!

Simply hand each community organization, credit card company, vendor, advertiser, and anyone else walking in your door a RestaurantLink SUPPORT CENTER card. One of our friendly staff will be happy to speak to them on your behalf and notify you of anything of real value.

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