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Outsourcing your restaurant bookkeeping to RestaurantLink saves you time and money. Our professional in-house staff understand the business of foodservice, will bring your books up to date, and keep them in balance.

Plus, we are a Certified ProAdvisor for Quickbooks and utilize Online Accountant, which provides you with access to your information 24/7.

Restaurant bookkeeping for just $399 per month!

Simple Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Detailed financial reporting available at a store, group, district or national level.

The P&L statement provides a short-term look on how your business is performing.
Understand the true cost of running your business – and improve your bottom line.
Sales taxes are calculated as you charge or invoice customers. They can’t be deferred until the end of the quarter / year. Accuracy helps avoid any surprises.

Enter and pay bills with approval. Strengthen relationships with vendors with timely and accurate payments.
Our in-house staff has industry experience, uses best practice and exclusively works with restaurant owners / operators.

Services – weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually

Restaurant Bookkeeping
  • Entering and paying bills with approval.

  • Invoicing, posting payments, and deposits.

  • Updating online banking to give you a real time balance.

  • Banking, credit card, loan, and merchant account reconciliations.

  • Sales and use tax compilations and filings. Business tax license filings.

  • Financial management reporting, budgeting, and cash flow reporting.

  • Payroll allocations, accounts receivable, and factoring reconciliation.

  • New company set-up and bookkeeping catch-up/clean-up if your books are in arrears.

  • Year-End 1099 and 1096 filings.

Questions to ask when choosing a bookkeeper for your restaurant.

  • Have your accountants owned or managed restaurants?

  • What is your restaurant experience?

  • Are you 100% dedicated to only working with restaurants?

  • Do you provide restaurant bookkeeping services to multi-units nationally?

  • Do you have experience with my POS system?

  • Is the accounting system online and can I access my financials available 24/7?

  • Is electronic bill pay included in the bookkeeping service?

  • Do you allocate payroll between front and back of house and break out my food and liquor costs?

As a restaurant management company, we not only prepare the financials, but can also show you how to improve them.

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