Real World Experience


RestaurantLink provides a wide range of restaurant consulting services including concept design, operational support, product development, catering, real estate, franchising and more. We can guide your independent, emerging or national chain to the next level.

Our consultants include Food TV Stars, Top Chefs, Franchise Experts, International QSR Experts, Product Specialists, Concept Designers, Trainers, Food Marketers, Food Truck Advisors, Regulatory Advisors and more!


When making a strategic decision to start or scale a concept, RestaurantLink is your trusted partner. We take the time to understand your vision, culture and are an extension of your team.

RestaurantLink can streamline the process with a proven set of best practices, discipline and consistency



RestaurantLink makes is possible to start and scale a franchise without the need for additional corporate overhead. Our team can setup the franchise disclosure documents (FDD), attract new franchisees, develop products, manage the supply chain, navigate the regulatory environment, marketing and even sell the concept.

RestaurantLink Consultants are some of the best in the country. They are passionate about the industry, highly competent and believe in honest and open dialogue.