Credit Cards

Cut The Fatt

Save as much as 40% on your credit card processing with RestaurantLink & Fattmerchant.

We cut out all the middle-man fees to provide honest and transparent pricing.  Whether your customers order at the counter or online, we’ve got your point of sale completely covered.  From mobile payment options to POS integration and more, swiping cards and ringing up orders has never been easier.

Ditch The Markups
Save Up To 40%

Better Credit Card Processing

  • No Contract
  • No Interchange Markups
  • No Statement or Deposit Fees
  • Free Setup
  • Supported by Common POS Systems
  • Seamless Transition
  • 24/7 Support
  • Quickly Settle Transactions and Deposits
  • PCI Compliant


Select Your Plan

Starting at $199 / Month + $.08 Per Transaction
$89 / Month + $.05 Per Transaction

Direct transaction costs known as interchange fees will apply.  These are established by the credit card companies and are the same for every processor.  However, unlike other companies, there are no markups with RestaurantLink & FattMerchant.

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