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Scale Or Buy A Concept

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Buy An Established Franchise

Scale A Franchise

Running your own restaurant and running a franchise are two different business models.  And it’s almost impossible to do both – unless you have a lot of time and enough corporate overhead.

RestaurantLink creates value for concepts of all sizes by helping them grow and adding more dollars to their bottom line.  Our team has experience working with a few locations to over 1,000.


We can step you through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) process saving you time and money while reducing future liability issues.
RestaurantLink has a national reach and marketing plans to attract new qualified franchisees in the markets that make sense for the brand.
The RestaurantLink Support Center is the single point of contact for your entire franchise system. This includes new store openings, ongoing operations, complete vendor management, billing and more.

RestaurantLink’s integrated contracting and logistic service ensures you get the right products at the right price for all your locations.
RestaurantLink takes time to understand your vision and culture – and then help you grow it on a regional or national level.
RView, by RestaurantLink standardizes the order entry and internal communications on a platform that is branded specific for your concept.

RestaurantLink is a full line equipment and supplies dealer. From working with the general contractor on a new store location, to the replenishment of supplies – we take care of getting product there, on-time and on budget. RestaurantLink can warehouse and fulfill orders for equipment, products, marketing and merchandising material.
Our expert staff can review and improve or design internal processes that are necessary for consistency and scalability.
RestaurantLink Chefs are some of the top in their field. We offer menu engineering, product development and nutritional standards. We also navigate the complex regulatory environment and offer unique insights into changing consumer tastes.

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