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Support center

Relax, we will take it from here.

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The RestaurantLink Support Center is dedicated to providing an unprecedented level of service and unmatched experience.   Our team of highly skilled professionals work for you, not the suppliers.  From the very beginning, we’ll get you on track to take full advantage of our services.

We also remove time-consuming supplier issues from your plate.  At RestaurantLink, you will never need to make more than one call.  Our Support Center takes care of it all, giving you the extra power to succeed.

The RestaurantLink Support Center will quickly get you setup with each service and supplier.
We take care of all billing and issues related to service, equipment, delivery, product, & more.
Distractions from those wanting “just 15 minutes of your time” are a thing of the past. Simply hand them a RestaurantLink Support Center card; and if there is something truly unique, or beneficial, we will pass it along.

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