Work quicker, reduce errors and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


TouchBistro is a proven POS solution that delivers an easy-to-use product, smart features that matter and complete front-end and back-end capabilities.

TouchBistro is the whole package!  It’s complete with a front-end that allows for intuitive order taking, payment processing and reservation management and a back-end loaded with dynamic reporting, tailor-made staff profiling and an easily customizable floor plan & menu.

Call RestaurantLink today and discover why restaurants, cafes, bars, food trucks, quick serve and fast casual concepts have made TouchBistro the #1 iPad Point of Sale for Restaurants.

You’ll love how easy TouchBistro is to use! Staff can be trained in hours not days!
The system is loaded with smart features like effortless bill splitting, advanced order modifications and single-swipe seat joining.
TouchBistro is not only lower in cost compared to traditional POS systems, but also higher in value. Flexible financing options make it easy for restaurants to get
a top-notch POS solution for their business.
A built in visual menu provides flexibility: from allowing customers to see photos of your dishes and drinks to flexible payment options that allow guests to settle the bill any way they want.

TouchBistro is the only POS that doesn’t depend on the Internet, which means your business doesn’t crash if the Internet does.
Enjoy the best of both worlds! A speedy and reliable POS system built for restaurants, paired with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud.
The robust cloud reporting will help you visualize the minute-by-minute performance of your restaurant from wherever you are!
By giving your staff the flexibility of being mobile – they’re always armed to take even the most complex orders and send them wirelessly

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